The law is constantly changing and justice provides new perceptions. Legal Consultancy Services is a young legal consultancy agency with a focus on the legal services to private individuals and entrepreneurs. Legal advisors are in general more specialized on a particular jurisdiction. The difference with a lawyer is that the legal adviser is focused on specialized advisory within their jurisdiction. However, a lawyer is required for lawsuits worth 25.000 euro or more.

Within Legal Consultancy Services we follow all the developments in the market. However, due to the increase of complexity, specialization from our side is unavoidable. Our specialization focuses on the following jurisdictions; labour law, person and family law, rent law, corporate law, agreement law, social security law, residence law and debit’s. Beside legal advice, We also provide services to take care of your tax declarations.

Our clients are the most important value of Legal Consultancy Services. Not only your current situation is important for us, but also the consideration of the consequences of decisions for you in the future.

In a nutshell: well-considered, capable and reliable.

You can freely contact Legal Consultancy Services when:
• You need advice or help with setting up a letter with a legal note;
• You have a legal problem in which you need legal advice before or instead of going to a lawyer (because your case might not be ready to go to a lawyer yet);
• You want to manage your own affairs but on the other hand you would like to receive advice from a legal professional (for example with setting the strategy for your case).