Complex and constant changing laws and regulations dominate our society. The need for legal advice grows. Legal Consultancy Services has professional knowledge and experience for the growing need in the market. The founder Mw. Mr. Sonia Renu Bagga (LL.M.) has a degree for the Netherlands Law from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. She gained her experience from her daily work environment where she advised, informed and provided other services. The areas where she focuses her services on are related to primary conditions of existence, social security and living.
Apart from that she also focusses on signalizing on structural problems for the individual. She attempt to report deficiencies in the law and regulations with the responsible instances.

The last period she achieved three important results:

Providing information and advice

Providing information in respect to the law and regulations and the possible consequences for the client. She is familiar with the process of the involved instances. She provides handmade advice to the client on how one can do his legal duty.

Client support

Some clients miss the expertise to undertake the right actions on the right time. As a legal advisor Sonia support the client to help them take the right actions.


Legal advisor Sonia is constantly dealing with the consequences of the laws and regulations on the daily situation of her clients. Sometimes laws and regulations lead to unintentionally (negative) effects. As a legal advisor she attempt to act on these effects by contacting the responsible instances. She wants to avoid an unintentionally negative outcome for her clients, so she will do her outstanding best to solve this.

Next to legal advisor Sonia is a teacher in Law and provides study career guidance at a Hogeschool.