The most important value for us is that our advice and practical solutions are satisfying for our clients. Do you need legal assistance? Do you want a reliable advice? Please contact us today. Besides our advice, we will also support you in the legal process. Legal Consultancy Services can support you in the following legal services:
• Writing legal letters;
• Filling in legal Forms (see Forms for more details);
• Making legal phonecalls;
• Legal mediation;
• Refer other instances for you;
• Objection and appeal procedure;
• Tax advice;
• Expat & IND Services;
• Tax claims & disputes;
• Insurance claims & disputes;
• Proof reading and translation of legal documents;

Request for professional help from Legal Consultancy Services means:
• Avoid extra problems;
• Having complete certainty that your problems will be solved;
• Professional Service;
• Insights in the costs;
• Support, advice and finding the right solution for you!

Don’t wait too long to deal with your problem, request for professional help on time!